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We tap into the true power of AI healthcare and deliver a seamless suite of healthcare products that not only assist with early diagnosis, but grant the ability to navigate imaging data, track alterations across a period of time, manage data, and calculate imaging biomarkers.

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We are on a mission to save and improve millions live via AI-Powered early detection & prevention

The existing Diabetic Retinopathy diagnosis and prevention process is tenous, labour-intensive and inefficient. Our Innovative award-winning solution will help you to go over these hurdles.


Our story

It all started with an idea! An idea to bring a positive change. With an extensive experience over 15 years in NHS – accessing real patient data, and developing tools that assist renowned clinical professionals to improve diagnosis and prediction, we have the confidence to developing tools that will help professionals to save and improve lives.

Founded in 2018, with 100 years of combined experience V &V Health Innovations is one of the leading providers of digital AI solutions that assist healthcare professionals enhance the quality care and expedite patient treatment. With modern healthcare development on the rise, V&V Health Innovations understood the demand for efficient and dynamic service within the healthcare sector.

The Company believed in revolutionising the healthcare experience, and acquiring and handling data seamlessly. The intuitive AI-powered technology allows professionals to predict and diagnose treatments for a range of needs. It is capable of solving a number of issues and deliver a revolutionized approach to healthcare.

Working in this sector for over 15 years, contributing as part of the national diabetic (UK) screening program in a study with over 65000 diabetic patients for 18 years span and 400 different characteristics that related to the progress and better understanding of the disease, we have the evidence and confidence to work further on that important area to help professionals to have better outcomes for the patients’ benefit.

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Experience game-changing medical breakthroughs with AI-powered solutions

Here at V&V Health Innovations, it is our determination that is driven us to help healthcare professionals solve the challenges surrounding health issues, with innovative AI solutions that addresses the diagnosis process effectively. Utilising state-of-the-art technology and innovative AI algorithms, V&V is producing solutions that transform healthcare, and generate information and vital analytical data to assist professionals.

AI-powered solutions make it far easier to predict possible outcomes and solve current issues, allowing private sector and NHS professionals to make better-informed decisions using accurate information. With our one-of-a-kind solutions, healthcare professionals can save time, energy, and reduce the guesswork. Our proven tools help in solving most problems healthcare professionals face during a diagnosis.


Our values

At V&V, our mission is to make health decisions more data-driven and accessible than ever before using patient-centered design and innovative data science.

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